Living Behind the Veil

I'm often asked what I wear in Afghanistan and what it's like to wear a veil. It's freedom. Freedom to have a bad hair day, freedom to arrange my chadar to conceal the curve of my breasts and backside, freedom to not be an expatriate for a little while. It means freedom to hide even on the street from the Afghan men's eyes which seem to strip me naked.
When I relax my shoulders and walk less purposefully, less confidently, my eyes downcast and covered by sunglasses, I pass for an Afghan woman. I hear the men whisper in Dari, "Is she a foreigner or local woman?" I chuckle but am silent. On the street, I'm also a free target....freely exposed to groping, sexual innuendos whispered to me as a man bicycles by, free to have stones thrown at me, freely seen as no one's wife, daughter, sister, mother, friend, or boss. I step inside my gate, and remove my chapan and chadar. Now I'm someone's boss, motherhood returns to me as little steps run to greet me, and I receive a kiss from my adoring husband. Now I'm free to his loving and gentle eyes which know and enjoy my curves, free to once again be under the protective umbrella of being a wife, mother, friend, colleague, boss, niece, sister, daughter, woman.

RAM Training

The two-day RAM Training is an adult facilitated workshop experience. It is holistic, integrating faith and emotions, along with practical risk assessment. This training is a companion to Facing Danger: A Guide Through Risk, by Dr. Anna Hampton.

The RAM Training can be scheduled for your area! Contact the RAM Administrator at: NealHampton "at" for the brochure and more information.

2019 RAM Training Schedule

  • February 14-15, 2019 - Thursday/Friday in New Hope, MN.
March 18-19, 2019 -  Monday/Tuesday, Antalya, Turkey. 

  • RAM July 8-10 and CISD Training on 11/12, 2019 - Oxford, England
Register for one or both training events here: 
All Nations RAM Registration Form

Germany RAM Brochure/Information
Germany RAM Registration Form

  • China, October 17-18, 2019 RAM Training and October 19 and 21 - Shepherding Through Conflict . Registration Closed. 

The graphic below illustrates the overlaps between the three major Risk Preparation categories:

The RAM Training enhances all three categories by providing a framework for prayerful and Holy Spirit guided implementation in each risk situation. For an explanation and listing of global Risk Preparation Resources, go to Resources. 

1.      How is the RAM workshop unique from other crisis debrief training?
RAM is intended to be practical, less-intensive, and holistic… able to be accomplished at every level of the organization, not a “specialized security personnel.” Notably, the RAM Training addresses the challenge of emotional-psychological-relational-spiritual preparation all field workers need at every leadership level.  Because uncertainty is one of the most challenging aspects of living long-term in increasingly risky field situations, the RAM Training addresses decision making in risk.  The RAM Training, combined with the Facing Danger book, field workers learn how to analyze risk in uncertainty, how do address increasing anxiety, understanding one’s predictable responses in risk, and understanding what holistic risk assessment and management looks like, not just from the danger/practical perspective. 

Even teams and workers who’ve had the industry standard training in risk assessment are not equipped in how to respond with a holistic response to risk to themselves, their families, and relatives and home sending partners.  The RAM Training provides this important piece.  It is important to lay a biblical foundation addressing the Theology of Risk exegetically and holistically, so workers better understand their thinking and emotions in the risk situation.

2.      What will an attendee be able to do after attending the workshop?

There are several significant outcomes from the RAM Training:

  • RAM equips participants with a scalable risk management protocol – one that is easily adapted to any risk environment.
  • RAM provides a guide for using the Bible to discern risk rather than an anecdotal Biblical model.
  • RAM guides both leaders and individual team members in how to make sure they have responsibly and comprehensively calculated risk from rational, emotional, and spiritual perspectives.
  • RAM Training equips workers with the key components of decision-making and discernment in risk.
  • RAM Training augments other stress-resilience and security training by helping field workers discern which risks they are called to minister in; in short, when to stay and when to go.
  • RAM participants will be equipped to better communicate about risk with other field workers, their own children, their leadership, and sending partners.


“I really appreciate the style of teaching you employ. I am a very hands on guy and I love how you guys break down the training into very usable and understandable segments followed by putting all the pieces together and having us practice it.”
- Global Servant working in Central Asia

“I was tremendously challenged to re-evaluate my risk management and mitigation plan in light of the word of God. The workshop was highly valuable.”
- Latin American Pastor serving in Eurasia

 "I appreciated Neal & Anna's frank honesty in their own personal situation and as leaders.”
- Team Leader serving in Central Asia

“Thank you! I do feel better equipped to think through things, individually and as a team.”
- Team Leader serving in Central Asia

“I really enjoyed how applicable everything was to cross-cultural work. I also thought the hands on and the activities we did at our tables was very informative and made the different modules stick. This was very helpful and useful.”

- Global Servant working in Central Asia

“Thank you for these tools! They are worth all the time you put into them.”
- Global Servant working in Central Asia

“All of the adults on my team will be able to use these tools to evaluate various risks that they face. I believe that they will be able to more effectively prioritize the risks in a more objective way. It may also help them to identify some behaviors which are increasing their risks and change those behaviors. I'll send my team members to your RAM training in the future.”
- Team Leader serving in Central Asia

“This was a wonderful workshop with a lot of great tools as well as thought provoking ideas/materials. I've never heard anyone talk about a theology of risk and how to live in a place of risk from a Biblical standpoint. I was really impressed with this and I think it will be really helpful for me to have these tools.”
- Global Servant working in the Middle East

"I felt the course was incredibly helpful both for me and for the opportunity to help others along their journeys.  It was very Biblically focused, as well as personal."
 -L.M., RAM Training October 2016

"Thank you both so much for the training. I found the material extremely well presented and quite helpful. My background is a Master’s degree in Project Management with my thesis work being in Risk Assessment and Management. My thesis was actually to work with Project Management Institute on the Risk Management Standard. I have been wondering for some time now how that incorporates with our current line of work. The blending of practical Risk Management tools/techniques/etc with the Biblical foundations were so helpful." 
-M.S., Middle East, RAM Training, April 2016

"Excellently presented and facilitated with great materials to take away! Well done!"

-R.M., Middle East, RAM Training, September, 2016

"As I look through the workbook again, you both so beautifully made sure that every minute was integral and that every session built on the foundation that was laid by the prior session, that each part was important. I felt that you kept the discussion pretty tight and clear, informing us of extra resources that could help but moving through the material very intentionally. I appreciated the clarity of the sessions individually and how they fit together."
-S.J., Middle East

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