Living Behind the Veil

I'm often asked what I wear in Afghanistan and what it's like to wear a veil. It's freedom. Freedom to have a bad hair day, freedom to arrange my chadar to conceal the curve of my breasts and backside, freedom to not be an expatriate for a little while. It means freedom to hide even on the street from the Afghan men's eyes which seem to strip me naked.
When I relax my shoulders and walk less purposefully, less confidently, my eyes downcast and covered by sunglasses, I pass for an Afghan woman. I hear the men whisper in Dari, "Is she a foreigner or local woman?" I chuckle but am silent. On the street, I'm also a free target....freely exposed to groping, sexual innuendos whispered to me as a man bicycles by, free to have stones thrown at me, freely seen as no one's wife, daughter, sister, mother, friend, or boss. I step inside my gate, and remove my chapan and chadar. Now I'm someone's boss, motherhood returns to me as little steps run to greet me, and I receive a kiss from my adoring husband. Now I'm free to his loving and gentle eyes which know and enjoy my curves, free to once again be under the protective umbrella of being a wife, mother, friend, colleague, boss, niece, sister, daughter, woman.

Saturday, April 4, 2020

Allah Emasculated, Dagon Defeated Again

Dagon was an important Mesopotamian and West Semitic deity responsible to provide rain and fertility. (1) 
The story in the Bible is this:

"Then the Philistines took God's chest and brought it into Dagon's temple and set it next to Dagon. But when the citizens of Ashdod got up early the next morning, there was Dagon, fallen facedown on the ground before the Lord's chest! So they took Dagon and set him back up where he belonged. But when they got up early the next morning, there was Dagon again, fallen face down on the ground before the Lord's chest - - this time Dagon's head along with both his hands were cut off and lying on the doorstep! Only Dagon's body was left in tact" (2).

Dagon and Allah - both powerless and on their face. Let's watch Muslims put Allah back on his pedestal in the coming months.

What has Covid-19 done to the idol that is Islam?

It has cut through the heart of the idol.

They cannot agree on what to do to appease Allah.

  • Is it a disease of the infidels? 
  • If so, why are Muslims getting it?  
  • Do Muslims need to be more holy and repent of their sins? 
  • Why is repentance and prayer not stopping the Covid-19 virus from continuing to spread among Muslims? 
  • Can't their god stop it?

April 4 Headlines: 

"Muslim clerics say “it isn’t possible to close mosques under any circumstances in an Islamic country”  (3)

Muslims crowd into mosques, “We don’t believe in coronavirus, we believe in Allah” (4)

Saudi Arabia Suspends Pilgrimages to Mecca and Other Holy Sites in Effort to Stop Coronavirus. (5) 

Apparently, prayers to Allah are not enough to stop this disease hitting Muslims, too, and at their holiest site. Allah has been emasculated and seems powerless to help them.

Sri Petaling mosque tabligh cluster now up to 40,000 likely infected by Covid-19. (6).

Sadly, Muslims believe that  "The pandemic is spreading due to our sins and because we are not following the teachings of Islam," Ejaz Ashrafi, a senior cleric belonging to the Tehreek-i-Labaik (TLP) Islamist party, told DW. (7)


How can we be the hands and feet of Jesus to communicate His love for Muslims and true repentance of sins? 

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